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A+ tour.

We’ve Segwayed around the globe and this tour is at the top of our list. It wasn’t too strict and it wasn’t too loose. It was just right. The Mill City Museum stop was delightful and the Mississippi was awesome! If you do anything in Minneapolis, do this tour!!


You gotta go!

I have lived in the Twin Cities my entire life (I’m 60+ years old) and at least half of the historical content was new to me. The guides were knowledgeable with a good sense of humor. The Segway training was complete (reassuring to my wife who was a little hesitant) and a ton of fun. I recommend this highly for both visitors and longtime residents.


Exceeded my expectations. Best afternoon ever.

Exceeded my expectations in every way and was one of the best afternoons I’ve ever had on any mini-vacation.   Greg was brimming with history of the area and presented information in an entertaining way so that even the most hard-core cell-phone users stopped scrolling through their phones after the first couple of stops and started connecting with what was happening at the moment.   Can’t think of a better way I could have spent an afternoon. 


Lots of fun! Can’t wait to try the other tours.

We took the Segway tour of Minneapolis’s riverfront area in late September.  The Segways were lots of fun!  A great way to see the city – you are up close and can stop at any time to view more closely.  Our guide, Chris, was excellent – friendly, fun, very knowledgeable about MPLS and surrounds, and definitely safety-oriented.    This tour would be very interesting for anyone living in Minneapolis as well as those of us from other states.  Beautiful day!  A plus – our 2nd guide, Emily, took lots of photos as we went along and gave us access to them at the end for free. Highly recommended!  The next time I’m in MN, will definitely take one of this company’s other tours. 


So nice I did the tour twice! Can’t recommend highly enough.

The best way to see the historic Minneapolis riverside. The guides are great, everyone is made to feel at home on a Segway within minutes and plenty of support is available for anyone who is less confident. There’s a lot crammed in to 3 hours and it flies by without ever feeling rushed. I enjoyed the morning tour so much I went back and did it again in the afternoon, and I’d go back and do it again! Really professional outfit, can’t recommend them highly enough. 


We had an awesome time!

We had an awesome time on our Magical History tour with Ben as lead and Riley as assist on May 8th! Tons of fun, and such a great time  🙂. It’s clear that in addition to sharing the information the company would have provided him with, that Ben also prides himself on doing additional research to not only build his own knowledge, but to be able to share all the information he uncovers with his tours! I 100% recommend a tour with Human On a Stick Segway Tours, and especially with Ben & Riley  🙂! And the owner of the company is super nice too!! 


Amazingly Awesome!

We went on the 3pm tour with Rachel, Tate and Beth Ann. They were so amazingly awesome! I am not a graceful, nor balanced person, and initially I didn’t want to do it, but the guides said that they would be close by and help me when needed. I needed a lot of help lol. They were so amazing about it and extremely friendly and patient. Highly recommended!! 


Great Ladies Day outing! Guide was very knowledgeable!

We decided to make it a Ladies Day outing in our own home town as we had such a positive experience on a Segway tour in Austin, TX. What a delightful afternoon on the Minneapolis History Tour! Our tour guide, Chris, shared many fun facts about Minneapolis. Chris did a wonderful job of balancing information for out-of-town tourists and us locals. Site visit to Mill City Museum was enjoyable and river scenery interesting & relaxing. Segways are easy and fun to use. A woman in our group almost cancelled coming with us. After a bit of cajoling, she agreed to try it and was pleasantly surprised & delighted to find how easy it was to operate.This is a wonderful way to show out-of-town guests downtown Minneapolis and share a bit of history. Highly recommend by this tour group. 


Highly recommended way to learn more about your hometown!  

I surprised my wife with this tour some time ago. When she saw what I was up to, she was scared. But after about 10 minutes into the training, she was all over it. “Easy peasy” she would say. 

The tour itself was great and very informative. Living in the Twin Cities for almost 20 years I still learned a lot about key events that shaped this place. If you have spare time – either living in town or visiting from outside – this is a great and fun opportunity for getting around and learning more about the town. Highly recommended 🙂 


Three great facets to this tour that definitely delivers.

There are three great facets to this tour – delivering history to us in an enjoyable manner, seeing the city up close while moving through the fresh air & sunshine and learning to ride a Segway. Quite a combination that makes for a great afternoon! Ben provided the history. Noah and Mike helped keep the tour moving along in an enjoyable manner. Joy was the other member of the guide team that was my favorite because of her patience and outstanding help with a Segway rider that needed some extra attention to get the hang of handling a Segway. There is a lot to see in Minneapolis and this tour company definitely delivers a great 3 hour tour to get to know the city better. 


Beautiful & Exciting Time.  

I took my two grandsons visiting from Phoenix (16 & 12) on the Minneapolis Segway tour June 20th. They told everyone after how much fun it was. My sister-in-law (66) was so happy to be included. She was pretty nervous but soon realized how easy it can be. I’ve been on all their Segway tours and always come away happy. Our guides Chris, Michael, Ruth & Nathan helped to make it safe, fun & relaxed. 


A fantastic experience and worth the price!!!

My Grandson and I signed up for this tour never having ridden a Segway before. We went through the training for 15 minutes and then proceeded on a 3 hour tour of Minneapolis along both sides of the Mississippi. Chris and Joy were our guides and wow – how customer focused they are!!! Both offered individual attention to ensure everyone had a great experience. They are the BEST!!! I also appreciate Bill who helped out with the introduction. A military discount was offered as well which I always appreciate. A great way to learn the history of Minneapolis. A fantastic experience and worth the price!!! 


Great fun learning the history of Minneapolis! Highly recommended!

This is the 6th city in which I have done a Segway tour and was definitely one of the best and longest (more Segway time!). Our tour guides, Chris and Denny, were knowledgeable and fun. Highly recommended!


Awesome St. Paul Segway Tour! 

Last week I took a Segway tour with Hannah and Maria. It was the highlight of my Minneapolis trip!!

I knew I would enjoy it but it exceeded all my expectations. Not only did I love the beautiful neighborhoods we toured, I learned the history of the neighborhoods and all about F. Scott Fitzgerald and his life. Our tour guides were so knowledgeable and so much fun! They made sure everyone was comfortable on their Segwaysbefore we got started and paid close attention to everyone throughout the tour. They definitely love what they do which made the tour extra special. I would highly recommend this tour company. I’m going to take their Minneapolis tour next time I’m in town. Thanks for a great day!! 


Excellent tour! Especially good for history buffs.
Business Owner

This tour has all the advantages of riding a Segway (great views, fun riding) plus the guides share interesting facts about Minneapolis.  We’ve done Segway tours in other cities so I feel comfortable saying that this company runs a very well-organized tour with a strong focus on safety. There were at least four guides on our tour and they were strategically located to help us cross major streets safely and point out potentially dangerous obstacles along our way. The tour is preceded by a safety video then hands-on instruction in a safe area. Within ten minutes, we were on our way. Excellent tour!


What a blast! The highlight of our visit!
Hotel Owner

My friend and I did this tour with Greg and Denny as our guides and we absolutely loved it. My friend was a little nervous about riding a Segway, but they give you good training and you watch a video too. She felt very comfortable by the time we were done and can’t wait to do it again! The stops were interesting and informative. This tour was the highlight of our visit.


One of the best things to do in Minneapolis! Well worth the money! 
Hotel Investor

I had such a great time on the Segway Minneapolis History Tour. Thomas was an awesome tour guide. Funny, informative, and pleasant. He knew the answer to every question I had. I had never been on a Segway before, but the guides made sure we were all comfortable and we gave us a brief introduction to the Segway before the tour. In just a few minutes, everyone was comfortable on the Segway, and off we went. At $90 and 3 hours, I felt this tour was worth every penny. I felt like we covered a lot of downtown Minneapolis and got an in depth look and breakdown of everything we saw. Lots of history along the river. Also, I liked how we stopped often to walk around and explore every few minutes. I’ve seen a lot of Segway tours that don’t really stop, and just keep going. It was a nice mix of Segway, walking and exploring. Excellent, informative tour. Would love to do the St. Paul tour next time. 


Very professional tour!

This tour is very professional. Other Segway tours I have been on in other cities had horrible tour guides that were very unprofessional and didn’t even give direction on how to use a Segway. This tour makes sure everyone knows how to use the Segway and practices before heading out and even shows an instructional video.  The guides are funny and tell informative stories that keep your attention and you stop for a snack break at the Mill City Ruins.


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